This is all about how an artist and I produced the image you can see in the header of this post - turning the principles of my work into something visible! A rewarding experience that stretched me to find clearer, and more evocative ways to reduce my work to its fundamental principles. Let’s talk about that.

Who did it?

‘Art and Science on a Postcard’ was organised by Intersci, a science outreach society at Edinburgh University and ASCUS Art & Science, an art and science charity. The premise was simple:

Spend two mornings meeting with an artist, talk together, and turn your science into art. One twist, it’s got to fit on a postcard! A second twist: Scientists have to make the art too, no slacking and making the artist do all the work! < Simple really. And the outcome were two fields of abstract colour. One blue, one green, both filled with strange shapes and textures. It couldn’t have gone better honestly.

How to explain abstract science

The event started simply, about 8 of us met in a library, 4 artists and 4 scientists. Of the scientists, I was the only one not working in Biology or Biology adjacent fields. So I was faced with a conundrum, my work is more about transport, than any one structure which ‘transports.’ What does movement look like, when it is quantum? It was by asking these problems that I got the