Part of my work with the Scottish Condensed Matter CDT is volunteering to help run the CDT blog. So recently I wrote a piece on Quantum Biology, and how to justify working in more speculative areas of science for the blog in August.

It is a bit of writing on some of the challenges I face in motivating why I am interested in studying Quantum Biology. Unlike a lot of areas, things can get a bit speculative, lots of people have doubts about some claims in the field, and these are not unreasonable claims. This post is my attempt to lay out not only what some of the fields claims are, but what is hard to believe about them.

Given that lots of scientific research is speculative or ‘cutting edge’ it isn’t unprecedented to be unsure of the answers, but I felt it would be helpful to put into words some thoughts about honestly asking questions, and honestly receiving results in science. I hope it’s of interest to people who want to know a bit more about the area, and why I think it is still worth exploring, as long as we approach it in the right ways.

If that sounds like you kind of thing you can click here to read it. Hopefully with summer over some more pieces will be going up on the ‘Condensed Matters’ Blog soon too, so keep an eye on it for interesting pieces on science and outreach from all of us on the CDT!